Call me officially mortified.

We went to visit a Quaker Friends Meeting on First Day.  I had heard that there might be some conservative members, and so went to make the connections.

Janka Fairy went to an “Inter-Generational Talk” with The Tall Man.  The woman sharing her particular path to Quakerism was an avowed Pagan Witch.  She explained to the children what this meant to her.  She then proceeded to have the children build a pagan altar, complete with incense, “blessed” water, and pentagrams.  She then taught them a spell, which they proceeded to cast.  She then had them stand really close to each other with their eyes closed so they could feel each others’ auras.  She explained that she can feel the auras of trees.

Right there…this is what I am talking about.  How can this even be considered fodder for children at a Quaker Meetinghouse….even a LIBERAL one?!  The whole point to Quakerism is that we don’t need any externals to access G-d or to make spiritual connections of any kind.  Quakerism holds within it one of the most beautiful traditions and Way of Life…why do we need to spend First Day having our children participate in something that is not Quaker, or at least remotely reminiscent?

There are times and places for “learning about” other cultures, spiritual paths, etc…  However, I do not believe that young children “learn about” anything….quite the contrary.  They are open at every level of their beings, and instead of “learning about”, they “fully absorb”.  I truly believe that the more clutter of any kind (and this includes spiritual clutter), causes a child to disintegrate within himself.  It causes confusion.  This is my secular argument.

My spiritual point of view is that witchcraft is harmful to the soul, and that G-d does not want us to participate in it.  I concede that this is MY point of view…but it was MY daughter in that room making a pagan altar in the spirit of witchcraft.  I am all for tolerance, and I would stand to the death to defend that woman’s right to follow the spiritual path of her choosing…but I wonder if the tolerance would be given to me and my “hard-lined conservative” views on the matter?

I did not take my children to a Pagan gathering, but a Quaker one.  I expected it to be a bit more liberal than my personal bent, but I wasn’t expecting that my child would be participating in something unrelated.

The Tall Man is way more polite than me.  I would have walked the Little Fairy out of there at the first mention of the subject matter.  Maybe it’s better that he was the one with her for that.  I am way too reactionary sometimes, and I admit it.

This whole experience has just made me realize how hungry I am for like-minded fellowship.  I hope that G-d will see fit to surround us with just that.