I love it here.  Glastonbury is absolutely beautiful.  I actually discovered this after moving here.  Having been in West Hartford for two years after leaving my happy existence in Rockland County NY, we were ready for a move.

I never felt at home in West Hartford.  Things seemed to move too fast. People seemed to be pressured, living such busy lives.  I thought the big colonial on a street within walking distance to its busy town center would give me feelings of connectedness and community.  The truth was, the huge house just needed to be cleaned, and it became quickly filled to overflowing with STUFF.  My whole life became about managing the stuff, and blocking my energetic crew of inventors and destroyers into one corner of the house or another so I wouldn’t lose total control of things.  I never made the connections, and I never felt at home.  We would drive long distances to go to untouched places of natural beauty.  And to top it all off, rent was probably more than we could comfortably afford, and it felt like we could never get ahead.

When looking for a new house to rent, we knew that we wanted to downsize considerably.  We craved having a small, cozy space, where we could still feel close and connected even if at different corners of the house.  We also knew that we wanted some usable space outside the door.  We also did not want to live in a house right next to another one, where my children could scream, “the neighbors are watching baseball, mommy!”  And most important, we wanted to reduce our rent significantly.

Enter a mad craigslist search and and tours of rentals from Avon to Western MA.  The house we felt best for us was in Glastonbury, CT.  We never had considered this town, but the listing had rent lower than we had even hoped and two acres.  The house is a small ranch, and one-level living was beckoning to us.

So, we moved here.  We figured any place with a drive-thru Starbuck’s and a Whole Foods with a playroom is a good place.

After being settled here for a few weeks, I took a drive to help calm the late afternoon crazies.  We drove down Hebron Ave. towards Hebron.  After making a quick discovery of Highland Market, we watched the houses turn into farms and rolling hills.  Stone houses covered in ivy were across the road from red barns, Holsteins and wild flowers.

I literally pulled the car over and began to cry.  “Why are you crying, mommy?”  “Because it is so beautiful here, and we live here.  This is our home.”

Weeks in Glastonbury, and I feel more at home here than I ever did in West Hartford, and even in NY before that.

So, my children and I are planning to stick around Glastonbury this summer, and resist any temptations to venture out of the town limits (well, okay, maybe I’ll go to Gilead and East/South Glastonbury…).  We are still going on our weekly Sturbridge Village trip and family visits out of town, but otherwise…our plan is to discover every bit of Glastonbury that we can.  We are going to jump in streams, go into the old schoolhouse libraries, pick flowers, find walking paths, and anything else that tickles our fancy.  We are also going to do this to help us develop a better sense of Place (remember, our family mission?)

We’re going to make this our home, and I want my children to say when they are older, “I am from Glastonbury”.

So…Glastonbury, this is my letter of devotion to you!  Here I come, I’m gonna love you up!