Just when I was ready to throw in the towel, just when I was going to give away all my worldly goods and join the Bruderhof, just when I was considering giving my children to gypsies to raise so I could get away from it all……

Friend Raye comes to the rescue!  After reading my very depressing blog post, all striving and longing…she offered to come and visit and minister to me.  Oh, how I needed minstering to!  She emailed me asking if there was any way that she could help me.  Here is the list I gave her of my needs:

I would love for you to come and visit. I need some silent worship.  I need someone to do a craft with my kids.  I need space to fold some laundry.  I need someone to talk to me about love and G-d.  I need to eat some food that I didn’t actually have to labour over.  I need to do a Bible Study.  I need to get put back on my path with G-d (teshuvah, repentance).  I need a quiet walk in a beautiful place.  I need someone to be kind to my children and interested in what they have to say……
Take your pick!  If you can help with any of those, I would be grateful!”

Well, armed with a pot of turkey/tuber (my children ate Jerusalem Artichokes!!) soup and gluten free cornbread, Raye arrived with her bag of tricks.  After a nice lunch, she sat down with my two older children, and showed them how to spin wool with a drop spindle.  This was a perfect thing to do, as my children have been washing and carding wool since before they could walk, but mommy could never motivate to learn to spin.  Janka Fairy even wore her “Quaker Bonnet” (which is really a stiff Mennonite bonnet), because she was so excited that a Friend was coming to visit.

After looking at my empty space, where I hope vegetables will grow next year…I put my children in their rooms for quiet time, and in between ten minute intervals of putting them back in their rooms, Raye and I were able to talk.  I was able to unload some of my troubles, and in Quaker-ly style, Raye just listened and did not judge or jump to tell me what I should “do next”.  We joked about how the conservative Quaker community in Connecticut has grown 100 percent since I moved here a few years ago…now that there is two of us….and what AMAZING growth stats those are!
How simple a visit is.  I have often brought a meal over to someone, along with my polite (or sometimes funny and crass) conversation…but I never realized how wonderful something so simple is in the midst of troubling times.  It recharged me enough to turn back towards the WAY I am meant to walk, instead of becoming dejected and shut down, or frantically looking for something else, something better.

So….Raye!  Thanks for you, and blessings on your house!

I will always remember how helpful such a simple thing was to me….and I hope to increase my visits to others.  Even though we are all so far apart from one another, we can still come to each other’s sides.  It was just enough to keep me from giving up, and I hope to do the same for someone else one day.