I have been very inspired lately by a woman named Lynn Jericho, who has a blog (among other things) called The Inner Year.


She takes the Christian Feast Days, and really helps you focus on the Inner Meanings of them.  Here is what she writes of Inner Annunciation:

“Archangels appear when a divine impulse will change the future of human existence or human consciousness. They announce, make whole, enlighten and protect the impulses living in our souls.  The impulse they attend to can be subtle and delicate or grand and powerful but the impulse is not personal and will impact more than an individual and more than the moment.

A virgin is pure, innocent and has yet to receive.  In each of us, in our consciousness, at any moment there is a place of virginity.  This is the place where we receive Imaginations, Inspirations and Intuitions. When we become aware of these divine impulses we often feel surprised and unworthy and wonder how this could be.

Immersed in the materialism of our modern times, it is difficult to realize in our humility that we are blessed and full of grace in these moments.

In your inner experience of the Annunciation, feel your way into an intimate connection to this festival.  Take a spring walk and quietly bend to your innocence.  Think back on your inner annunciations.  Consider how you let the divinely conceived grow in your inner womb until it is time to birth.”

After a really miserable winter, after a really devestating miscarriage, after spending months parenting by rote, not by love…I have recently felt the growing presence a new Seed.  In perfect timing with the Annunciation, my Inner Self sits in the presence of the divine, hearing the message, “It’s time to reawaken to your True Life, to your children, to your True Self…WAKE UP!  You are missing out on what is Real and Pure for that which distracts and robs!”

Thinking of things in the Threefold Way…body, soul, spirit….I want to grow organically and authentically as a Whole Being, not just compartmentalizing one bit of myself or another.  It’s time for me to return to noticing, listening, and simply BEING.  I want to finally rise above the paradox of all at one time being DEPERATE to hear the Inner Christ, and yet doing everything in my power to avoid being present enough to hear.  At night, after the children are asleep, it’s easy to idealize my interactions with them, but in the dirty face of it, easy to high tail it and run the other way.

So, my personal Annunciation message has been that I have conceived the Seed, now I need to let it grow.  It’s time to water it with silence, presence, and most of all love.

And thanks to Lynn Jericho, whose work has helped to open this awareness in me!!