Well, I at least surveyed my land today, if not actually starting to till ground.  Here’s my list for today:

Something of Beauty:  Started looking at Tasha Tudor’s Garden (again), and started thinking about what we will do to our gardens here…and envisioned myself in beautiful Victorian Dress and cap…

Something I pushed through even though I didn’t want to do it:  Washed all 5, yes count em, 5 bathrooms.  Coming from a 1 bath house, this is a very large adjustment….

-Something of Meaning….well, I have to just do some mental backtracking here, because I didn’t do anything consciously, thinking, “this is meaningful”….but I guess trying to chronicle positives in my life instead of keeping a catalogue of the woes falls fairly into that category.

-Simplicity:  I turned off the laptop today.  Now, to be honest, I kept the desktop on, and I visited it…a few times….we’ll try to go all day tomorrow.  Also, I changed out the “fake old” frilly curtains in Janka Fairy’s bedroom for some simple canvas ones.  I think I could also add this act to beauty and space.  I have a very hard time when surrounded with things I find unappealing aesthetically, and then feel mentally cluttered.

-Space:  I stood and looked at my lower pasture today…which is all open space, and starting a conversation with a woman who is giving us 4 sheep.  The children and I will be able to herd them down there into that big open space!  I am thinking of nice, quiet walks down there, with nothing in the way, nothing to distract from just being together.

Creativity/Something new:  The kids built a goat “playground”, with an old kids table and some cast aside stable doors.  I didn’t create the new thing, but I will take credit for it as I am the one who told them to get out of the house and play with the goats for a while.  I also fully enjoyed watching them jump on and off this contraption, and the children’s delight that the goats were using what they had built.

-Silence (but not retreat):  Actually folded and put away laundry without listening to podcasts.  I always feel as if the only way I can get through my work is if I am being mentally stimulated.  I worked in silence today, with only my own thoughts as my company.

-Health and Well-Being:  Ate homemade lentil soup with collard greens for lunch.  I love this lentil soup with corn chips and cheese in it…but today I had it with a splash of  vinegar, olive oil and black salt.  It reminded me of a Greek Restaurant I worked in when I was in college.  The owner would make the employees meals that did not exist on the menu.  One thing I loved was a simple red lentil soup, garnished with a vinaigrette.  Greens from the CSA that we share a property with.

-Spiritual Connection:  Responded to and reconnected with an old acquaintance who gets right to the heart of the matter.  Reread and chewed on her words to me, grateful that some people and connections will never be lost to you!

-Going Towards Instead of Turning Away:  I decided to add this to my list of cultivation, as it is one of my biggest struggles.  Today, during quiet time, when I usually sit from my perch and corrall children back to their rooms with “later”, I went and looked at a village Little Matas has built out of blocks.  He was so proud of what he created, and if I had just told him to go back to it, and “show me after your quiet time is up”, I might have missed the moment.