Idyllic VT landscape forgone for most of the day today in lieu of several hours in the car taking Papa to the airport.  Since we were already in the car, we ran errands.  I was in desperate need of popcorn (my favourite snack…covered in cumin, black salt and lemon juice), and after three different stores finally found the non-microwavable kind.

Something of Beauty:  Spent time admiring the Hollyhocks and other flowers (I don’t know their names…)around our house.

Something I pushed through even though I didn’t want to do it:  This whole day has been an example of this…driving with three children that just need to be running free outside takes a huge amount of “push through”.

-Something of Meaning: Talked to my cousin on the phone, about dealing with difficult parents, mental illness, etc….helped each other by showing some mutual support and listening.

-Simplicity:  Embarassed to say, but took my kids to restaurant in a box so I wouldn’t have to make any food, or complicate the day with trying to find something “appropriate”.  Perhaps this action negates anything I did towards health/well-being….?

-Space: Insisted Janka Fairy braid her own hair today.  After years of being screamed and yelled at every morning during the painful ritual of brushing and braiding corkscrew curly hair, I finally gave the reigns of Bella’s hair over to her.  Some days I will still do it, when I am in the mood to see everything perfectly pinned up like a German girl from the 1800’s…but letting this go has improved the start to our day.  I don’t start my day anymore with frayed nerves from all the crying and screaming that I am torturing my child.

Creativity/Something new:  Came home late, needed to make a quick dinner…took the leftover braised red caggabe with green apples (braised in a little vinegar and honey), and leftover whole wheat angel hair pasta.  Made a peanut butter and sesame sauce (also lemon juice, a little honey), and made what turned out to be the most delicious peanut noodles we have had in a while.  Didn’t take a picture, because quite frankly, it looked strange.

-Silence (but not retreat):  (I am adding to this also spiritual connection)  After children went to bed, I sat outside on my patio, and watching the Full Moon rise up from Cedar Hill, in the distance.  Picture is blurry, but this is all iPhone can do in a pinch at dusk.  I need to start carrying around the nice camera, I think!

-Health and Well-Being:  I don’t know…does drinking a ton of Riesling while talking to a girlfriend on the phone count?!  It felt good last night…..

-Going Towards Instead of Turning Away:  Janka Fairy wanted to accompany me while I put the boys to bed.  She is such a mother hen, and honestly at the end of a long day, I often react to her motherly fussy ministrations as a nuisance (the boys don’t always appreciate it)…so I have her look at books while I get the boys all settled before I come and spend some one on one time with her.  After a day in the car with silly-wild galore, you better believe I didn’t want to deal with much.  But, I let her come, and she was really quite sweet, and a good “side buddy companion” (what we call the child that needs to be by mommy’s side within arms reach…a child becomes one usually by doing something unsafe/unkind, therefore needing more direct supervision and closeness).