Beauty:  This post Beauty and Creativity will be combined….I made a woven seat for an antique dining chair I have had for a long time.  I had always meant to reseat them (there are five in the set), but never got around to it.  I got the idea from Soulemama who got the idea from Alabama Chanin  . 

I think that for the rest of them, I am going to use only white tshirts…or I am going to paint the chairs white, and do coloured seats.  With the scraps from my work, the children braided crowns, for themselves and dollies.

Health and Well-Being:  Combined with Simplicity for this post….Just two driveways up the road from us is an organic raw milk creamery.  Janka Fairy is old enough to accompany and supervise Little Crazy Matas on the short walk with a wagon to get our milk and Skyr (their specialty…a Swedish fermented dairy product similar to Greek Yogurt….but she makes one that is maple flavoured, which almost tastes like the center of a cheesecake).

Pushing Through Something Even Though:  mulched the veggies, transplanted some plants we had moved from CT that were starving in pots.  All we have a hand mower now, and I went out and mowed around the garden, as it is getting uncomfortable to go out there through the growing weeds. 

Meaning:  I’ve been fantasizing and thinking about my favourite time of year; that time in between the beginning of fall and Candlemas…wishing for crisp cool air again.  However, this is summer, and it is HOT…so trying to really appreciate all that is around us that is unique to this season.  Our neighbour, who has a pool, and is only a weekender coming up from Boston, told us to use her pool whenever we want.  We are more than glad to take her up on it.  The Tall Man took the children yesterday:

But….I am still, somewhere in my heart and desire here….

Spiritual Connection:  Working on our land, spending the day with the children at the swimming hole, and letting them help me in the garden.  All of this brought me to a place where I felt present instead of distant…