Just in case you are here, I want you to know that I have almost deleted this blog from the ether so many times because some of what I have written embarasses me.  I come from good ole’ beastie boys era Gen X; the cusp that separates those who live on social media and those who still don’t totally get it.  I was naive to not think that when I wrote all of these things that within 5 minutes (5 seconds?) Of googling my name someone could examine my inner angst over what is for dinner, who is God, what does it all mean, who the Fuck am I?!, ad infinitum……and think they might possibly know who I am.

I think by speaking, (or writing in the case of an old embarrassing blog).  This way of being is otherwise known as foot in mouth disease, or “rebecca, you just contradicted yourself like five times”, or “don’t you ever get sick of hearing yourself talk”?  To all three points: fully diagnosed, yes and yes all the time….I fatigue myself constantly.

I leave the blog up because, what the heck, maybe it is good fodder for future jokes….I covet your future jokes, jokes are the breath of life!  But if I were to pick perhaps two posts that really do show a consistent part of who I am……it would be NC 17, or my stab at vagina poetry and Peace Testimony for this War Torn and Restless Heart.  The rest….just me trying to make sense of it all, it all has expiration dates that are well passed.

To know who I am today, well…..that is better done over a glass (case?) Of wine and some pulled pork sandwiches (or gluten free tempeh reubens and kombucha, whatever floats your boat).